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Becoming strategic in talent marketing -course teaches you the main strategic options for talent marketing based on your business challenges as well as the basics of adopting a strategic way of working with talent marketing and communication. This course is what all aspiring employer branding and other talent marketing professionals need if they want to develop in their talent marketing career.

Your outcome

After you complete this course, you understand the differences between the primary talent marketing options and a strategy and a plan. You will have more confidence to choose the right strategic choice for the business you work for.

About Becoming strategic in talent marketing -course

“I want to have better control over our talent marketing actions, but I’m not sure how to get it.”

“I was asked to do an employer brand strategy, but I don’t think I know how to do it?”

“People keep calling what sounds like the same thing a plan or a strategy. What is the difference between a plan and a strategy, and what should I opt for?”

“I want to do more employer branding, but I’m not sure what all it means.”

If you can relate to even one of these questions above, this course is ideal for you. 

There is more to marketing and communicating to our internal and external talent audiences than sharing information about our jobs, benefits and people. 

Since digital marketing and social media became mainstream, anyone has been able to become their media. 

While this has become a massive advantage for us, it also escalated into a war for attention. The more everyone pushes messages out there, the more difficult it has become to get our voices heard.

There is simply an incredible amount of noise created by all of the messages we post, share and publish online today. 

How do we make sure what we message will be noticed, seen and heard? 

The answer is becoming strategic in your talent marketing.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What are your primary options for a talent marketing strategy?
  • What is the difference between a strategy and a plan?
  • What purpose does each of these primary talent marketing strategies serve?
  • How to select the right option for the needs and expectations of the business?

Who is this course ideal for?

  • You have worked with talent marketing tasks for some time now.
  • You have experienced the difficulty of having something wise to post about regularly.
  • You feel like your messages are lacking clarity and direction.
  • You are not content with what your company’s social media feeds look like.
  • You have no idea if all the time spent on posting and creating content helps your talent acquisition and business at all.
  • You desire to step up your professional ladder and adopt a more strategic way of work.

This course includes:

  • 8 video lessons
  • 2 PDF Workbooks
  • PDF Cheat Sheet