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Building a Modern Employer Brand

Influencing and converting relevant talents in the digitally overloaded world.

Written by Susanna Rantanen

If you think employer branding is about development projects and temporary campaigns, think again.

In fact, you need to rethink employer branding altogether!

The war for talent is back on – maybe tougher than ever.

Talents most in demand don’t have a reason to go through endless job posts. They respond to personal queries and direct messages from recruiters and employers they know of, have connected with and trust.

But their attention is no longer a default. The information overload killed their desire to pay attention to anything irrelevant years ago.

This has left most employers out of their radar. 

If you continue to think EVP development projects, occasional campaigns and random social media posts are going to get you on the radar, you will lose the war for your relevant talents.

It’s time to rethink employer branding.  

I have a solution for you: The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️. 

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