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Talent Marketing Team Roles

Learn what are the six key roles in the talent marketing team responsible for Building the Modern Employer Brand.

Written by Susanna Rantanen

As the need and desire to communicate and market with the talent publics increases, organizations are forced to rethink who does all the work.

While communications and marketing are used to offering their helping hand when talent acquisition needs the occasional support with job posts and recruitment campaigns, committing to regular talent marketing and employer branding is impossible.

Business marketing and communications aren’t experts in talent marketing and communication. 

Just because you know how to write an article, create a social media post or launch a marketing campaign doesn’t make you an expert with a specific audience.

Everyone who works in communications or marketing knows how big of a role the target audience has in getting the message just right and reaching the right audiences with your marketing.

The problem is, while HR and talent acquisition knows the target audience, they are necessarily not the experts in marketing or communication.

Based on my agency’s long experience in working as the talent marketing partner for a couple of hundred of growth organizations for over a decade, we know what is the ideal composition of a talent marketing team.

I wrote this eBook to:

– Inspire learning what types of roles and responsibilities a modern talent marketing team can consists of.

– Help organizations to plan, set up and grow a team focused solely on talent communications and marketing.

– Give aspiring Talent Marketing Professionals an idea what a career in talent marketing could look like.

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