A Simple yet Effective Candidate Communication Process

An online course teaching you 6 steps to plan a simple yet effective candidate communication framework

Did you know you can significantly improve your candidates’ experiences and positively impact your employer image simply with more efficient candidate communication?

When you apply the process communication -element of this framework, you can increase your chances of keeping your best candidates warm and connected to your process instead of your competitors.

Is your talent acquisition struggling to keep candidates interested?

You keep losing your best candidates because your process takes too long and they take a job elsewhere.

Your company doesn’t do employer branding and you want to know how to positively impact your employer image as a recruiter.

Your candidate experiences could be better and you want to know what you could personally do.

You are struggling to get applications but don’t have a budget for marketing and advertising.

Stop losing good candidates halfway through your process and build a positive employer image through systematic candidate communication.

How to create lasting positive candidate experiences

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What's included in this course?

  • 8 video lessons + a bonus video
  • PDF workbook
  • PDF overview of the 6-step planning process
  • Candidate Message examples to set you on your way
  • A simple excel template to plan and schedule recruitment process as a project
  • Quizzes to assess your progress


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Candidate communication process course mockup

Why should one up your candidate communication?

Good candidate communication is the easiest way to delight your candidates and leave them with great experiences.

Effective and systematic candidate communication process helps you to keep your best candidates committed to your process almost “as long as it takes”!

Become known as a trustworthy and empathetic talent acquisition professional. This will help you to succeed in every recruitment process as well as in your career.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for everyone working in talent acquisition and especially for those who are able to take charge of the candidate communication during your recruitment processes.

The framework you learn in this course adds significant value for in-house talent acquisition when you don’t have the resources to develop your employer image or your employer brand.

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